About Us

Welcome to beautiful and inviting Navy Recreation Center (NRC) Solomons. The scenic vistas of the waterfront of the Chesapeake Bay are a part of daily life here, and a big reason why this has proven to be a popular and most-sought after location for vacations for our proudly serving military members and their families for years.

Nestled on a peninsula bounded by the picturesque Patuxent River and the Chesapeake Bay in an area you'll soon agree is aptly called "the land of pleasant living," the bay and its rivers play an influence on the local lifestyle, including the choice in leisure pursuits.

Eligible Patrons:

  • Active Duty Military, their spouces and dependents
  • Reservist Military in an active standing, their spouces and dependents
  • Retired Military, their spouces and dependents
  • Department of Defense Civilian Employees
  • Department of Defense Contract Employees

Gate Hours:

NRC Solomons main gate, located off of MD Route 4, is open 24/7 (Unless otherwise noted).