Fishing & Crabbing

For all patrons wishing to Fish or Crab while on board Naval Air Station Patuxent River or Navy Recreation Center Solomons.

You will need a State of Maryland Fishing Permit to fish/crab at any designated fishing or crabbing area on NAS Patuxent River or NRC Solomons. While NAS Pax River & NRC Solomons do not sell Maryland Fishing Permits, there are numerous vendors just outside the bases or you can purchase a fishing permit online at

The US Navy Environmental Department Conservation Division requires anyone planning to fish or crab have a NAS Patuxent River/NRC Solomons fishing permit in addition to a Maryland State Fishing Permit. NAS Patuxent River/NRC Solomons Fishing Permits can be obtained online at

  • For more information contact the Environmental Department Conservation Division at 301-342-3670.
  • Children 12 years of age or younger are not required to have a permit. Children 12-15 years of age are required to have a permit; however, there is no fee. All others, age 15 and older, are required to have a permit and must pay the fee.

Policies are set forth by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and are enforced by their agency and NAS Pax River / NRC Solomons management. All violators are subject to penalty in accordance with state regulations.