Fishing & Crabbing

For all patrons wishing to fish or crab while on board Navy Recreation Center Solomons:

You will need a State of Maryland Fishing Permit to fish at Sunset Pier or any other area of NRC Solomons. NRC Solomons does not sell Maryland Fishing Permits, though there are numerous vendors just outside the base or you can purchase a fishing permit online at

The US Navy Environmental Department Conservation Division requires anyone planning to fish or crab at NRC Solomons to have an NAS Patuxent River/NRC Solomons fishing permit in addition to a Maryland State Fishing Permit. 

  • For more information on fishing permits or how to purchase them, please contact the Environmental Department Conservation Division at 301-342-3670.
  • Children 12 years of age or younger are not required to have a permit. Children 12-15 years of age are required to have a permit; however, there is no fee. All others, age 15 and older, are required to have a permit and must pay the fee.

Policies are set forth by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and are enforced by their agency and NRC Solomons management. All violators are subject to penalty in accordance with state regulations.